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[ Thursday, November 06, 2003 ]

One symbol will describe the feeling after the movie......


dcs [12:34 AM]

[ Wednesday, November 05, 2003 ]

THE MATRIX Revolutions in T-minus - 7 hours and 45 min..

stay tuned for after movie updates.

dcs [1:45 PM]

[ Saturday, November 01, 2003 ]

Click here for Halloween PICS.....

dcs [4:17 PM]

[ Friday, October 31, 2003 ]


Cheyenne is a Pyromaniac

The Proof is in the ashes.....Her cycle of terror, stated here in real time.

Wed. Oct 29 2:00 pm
I was at Robins donuts in Reserve yesterday at around 2pm, and while waiting for my coffee, I glanced to my right to see the old Reserve high school. It looked so run down, and I thought to myself, "why hasn't it been torn down yet?" All the windows were smashed out, and the only thing it was being used for was a safe haven for kitties and birds.
Two hours later, Cheyenne states that reserve High School is on fire. It didn't end up burning down, but it left an impression.....

Wed Oct. 29 9:00 pm
Myself, Jenni, Cheyenne and Eric were returning from Loch Lomond where we were shooting off fireworks that Cheyenne purchased.
On the way back, on the LONG dirt road, approximately 5 km away from the bungalow we were at, we noticed a bright light in the distance. I was driving and as we turned a corner and came closer, Cheyenne claimed she saw smoke. We all turned to look and sure enough we saw flames.
As we drew nearer, we saw the remains of a house right behind the old tiny Church. It was still burning as people were gathered around. We stopped and got out to investigate. The locals that had gathered claimed it has been burning for over an hour, and that the fire department was on it's way. Myself and Eric walked down the driveway to get a closer look, and we actually got within 100 feet of the fire. There was nothing left, and since it was raining earlier that day, the fire was pretty contained, without a chance to spread. As the fire department arrived, we made our way back home.

Thursday Oct. 30 7:00 pm
I arrived home and noticed Cheyenne's phone number on my call display. Noticing that was strange, I decided to call her back to see what was wrong. She stated that the house across the street from her was on fire! I began to catch on at this point, and decided to write this post in case anything should happen to me tonight while I was asleep.

Friday OCT. 31 3:19 AM
I just finished watching a rented movie, and was heading for bed. I checked my blog for comments to the previous post, and what do I see? Another comment from Cheyenne stating that the house across the street from her was still on fire.

I don't think these are all in coincidence of one another, and I ask you all to be careful. Today is a day of fright and illusion, so do not let your guard down. If you do come in contact with Cheyenne, please stay as far away from loved ones as possible, as the outcome will undoubtedly be hazardous to you.

This is NO LIE!
Happy Halloween

dcs [3:26 AM]

[ Thursday, October 30, 2003 ]

Back By Popular Demand???

people actually have been asking me if I was OK? They were wondering where the blog went. Truth be told, yah, I have been bored with it. However my public demands more stories, and Joe seems to think he can do better than me, and not that I have to, but I will show him who has the best "worst" blog out there.
Now children, its clickable story time...............

I Think I'm Banned From Burger King

Picture it, Sydney, last Saturday night. Just left Hermans in Jenni's car on the way home. There is myself, Jenni, Tony, Cheyenne and Eric. We all (except Jenni) had been drinking quite a bit and of course as Saturday night tradition demands, we headed to Burger King at 3:30 am after the closing of the bar. Now Jenni has a small sporty Celica, which has a very small back seat, which had to accommodate Tony, Cheyenne and Eric. Needless to say, they were uncomfortably drunk. With that being said, we arrived at BK. Now I was hungry as usual after a night of conversing and drinking, and dancing. So I decided to order a Whopper Combo and a Jr. Whopper on the side. Now that was fine, ane everyone can relate to my choice on the menu. Now Jenni want very hungry and ordered a Lg. Onion Rings, Tony was drunk, and said he wasn't hungry. So next up were Cheyenne and Eric.

Thats when things got tricky.

Cheyenne bursts out in this insane tribal laughing fit explaining that she wants no meat. I said, "ummm what", she laughs more and then proceeded to tell us she wanted 4 Whoppers with Meat on the side. STOP THE TAPE................
I am no food expert, no I am not. But I know my fast food, and I know that you don't order a whopper and "hold the meat". It's just not right. I mean hey, some things go together and some things do not. For example: Spandex and fat chicks just don't mix. However Whoppers and their meaty filled goodness are a perfect combination.

So Jenni is the one that has to order all this food, and coupled with our laughing and singing, she has a noticeably hard time yelling our order to the girl. Fast forward to pick up lane. Eric decides to get out and have a smoke, so we all have to endure crushing and moving around to let him out of the back of Jenni's small clown car. Jenni was embarrassed by us making asses out of ourselves and takes our order and rushes out of the parking lot with our food. Now if that was the end than everything would have been great, but of course something else had to spark our fire, and what was it you might ask. THEY FORGOT MY FRIES. Yes once again, Cory leaves a fast food joint without half of what he wanted. So Jenni asks if I wanted to go back for my fries. I at first said no, but then Tony who ordered nothing, and was not even hungry decided to join in the fun and say,"Dude where's' my Whopper". Now we looked kinda puzzled, but yep Tony wanted us to go back and get my fries and also mention that he didn't get his whopper. So did we say no, did we say we cant do that because its practically stealing? Fuck no, we said they owed us a whopper for forgetting my fries.

Back to the drive thru we go

So Jenni hurried us back to the drive thru, and yelled out to the girl that we were missing a med. Fries, and an unknown whopper and Cheyenne got smart and threw out our receipt. While Cheyenne was munching down on her first meatless burger, I opened the bag of food, making 100% sure they indeed jipped me my fries. Then what do I see but a flat container, kinda looked like a pancake container. I opened it and what slid out into my lap but Cheyenne's 4 ALL BEEF patties. We then all lost our minds in fits of laughter at the beefy goodness, as I quickly flung the first patty into the air out the sunroof, smacking off the Burger King window.
We arrived again at the Pick up window, and the girl was just looking at us like she was asking herself if she wanted to but Xtra spit in my fries. Jenni apologized over and over again, for some reason.Tony and Eric were in the back seat in stitches, knowing that we are pulling off the "Great Whopper Heist". I dared not make any eye contact with the waitress for fear of incarceration. I felt we were like Bonnie and Clyde, on the run from the law, with only our beef and fries to carry us through.
That was pretty much it, thought for the BK experience. Tony eagerly ate his whopper feast, as Cheyenne and Eric had some buns and mayo. I didn't even eat those fries by the way. I was full from eating 2 of Cheyenne's meat patty's, and a whopper of my own. We drove everyone home and came home and went to bed. The end......
dcs [10:45 PM]

[ Saturday, October 18, 2003 ]

Been bored lately with updating,,,

DSL J all the way
dcs [9:10 PM]

[ Saturday, October 11, 2003 ]

I have recently started my new (60 day trial version) job. Its great, no phone calls, and I get to help alot more people. I like the people I work with. They made me feel right at home, and I got a sweet desk to borrow for the next 2 months (thanks Lisa). Had a team meeting today. This was only my 3rd team meeting in over 13 months, and it was quite eventful complete with screams, and rants. Its not overly busy here today, but its more active than my other position. Yep no more waiting for an hour for a call anymore.

Went to Hermans last night, and had a blast. The bar was packed, lots a friends there. Drank our faces off and met some "fresh" new faces. Tribute to Guns and Roses were awesome, but the lead singer looked more like Brett Michaels from Poison, rather than W. Axl Rose From Guns -n- Roses. They even did a 3 song encore and the crowd went nutz.

My Dad just dropped off some Turkey lerky for supper, so I must end now.

dcs [12:54 PM]

[ Monday, October 06, 2003 ]


I have a dream good people. I have a dream that will create jobs, and stimulate the economy. It will benefit the disabled, and make life easier for their families and friends.

Ladies and gentleman, I give to you, the "Seeing Eye Midget Society Of Canada."

Why you might ask? What you might ask? How you might wonder? Well its rather simple. People are blind, they have seeing-eye dogs, but these dogs are limited in their helpfulness.
Thats where the Midgets come in. They can cook, clean, walk, drive, and help in other daily household routines. And the best part is that it gives much needed jobs to the little people who are unfortunately looked down upon (no pun intended) in our society. Not that they should, because hey, they maybe small, but they are still people.
These Seeing Eye Midgets can totally replace the dogs, and can improve the quality of life for the blind. Where once they could not drive, their Midget can. Where once they slammed their head in the cupboard door, now the Midget can reach up with a broom stick and close it before the blind man hits it. You see, its a win win situation folks. Nobody gets hurt, nobody feels bad. This could close the gap between the blind and the non blind.
For example:
A dog can be trained to bring his blind owner to the curbside or a crosswalk, but he cannot do much else.He cannot warn of a speeding car crossing lanes about to hit you.
The Seeing Eye Midget and see this car, lookup to you, and say "hold up there Jim, looks like we got a crazy man headin towards us, lets back the fuck up a bit huh.".

You see folks, all we need to implement this SIM_SOC is your support. Together with the help of our Government, and a few good pet stores to provide Seeing Eye Midget Harnesses, we can heighten our understanding of our Midget friends, and their blind comanions.

dcs [10:33 PM]

[ Saturday, October 04, 2003 ]

You MUST download the NEW song named "One Thing" By Finger Eleven. Click the above link I put it up for us all. IT IS THE SONG !!
dcs [1:45 AM]

[ Friday, October 03, 2003 ]

Random Rantings'

No more $1 burgers at Bk at 3am? wtf

Everyone wears red or has red hair.

Tony dunno what to do

No I dont really have A.D.D., stop asking, lol.

Babs went to work drunk.

My Bed squeaks.

Nobody goes to Hooters for the wings, not even James.

DSL Jenni is shorter than I am.

Brandon just signed in.

Still havent heard from Amanda, I think a tree fell on her in Halifax.

Im now down to 109 ppl in my contact liist in messenger.

Peori is wearing a low cut blowse.

When someone says "the people are threating me to keep paying for my ISP because they have cameras and microchips in my eyeballs." ...Gently but assuringly tell them that they are fucking nuts, and should double up on their meds.

My stuffed pumpkin has mismatched legs.

What haloween costume shall I create this year. (last year was a PIMP, but 50 cent would love that this year)

Maybe I can go dressed as 50 cent, and get shot 9 times, to make it more realistic.

Coke or Pepsi?

On top or on bottom?

Wonder how Lorelle is in Alberta?

Kelly is Boy Crazy

Jazmie is in need folks.......She needs a ride....Hook her up if you can

dcs [3:51 PM]

[ Tuesday, September 30, 2003 ]

Cool Links

check this out...
I though it was my site.... i thought someone hacked it up, but check the spelling, its tricky.

Viewers choice awards nominees are cast over the internet , and BUBBLES from the Trailer Park Boys is nominated and gonna win!!! Vote for Bubbles.

This guy may not make it to the Forbes 400, but hes on the right track.

You cant use messenger at work but you can use Odigo express and see your people. Wel ok, mabe this isnt allowed either, but it works.

Sympatico email can now be checked on the WEB

Boycott the RIAA
RIAA are the asswipes that want to make as much money as they can and rip off the consumers and musicians, sue 12 year old children, and get rich quick. I like this anti RIAA page.

dcs [3:18 AM]

[ Monday, September 29, 2003 ]

What the Hell happened to Halifax

I think it blew away Amanda....I cant find her, and she was living on the water... I think she was evacuated, but to where, who knows, maybe there are pics of her below.
Pictures are courtesy of ctv.ca

Hold On

Got Wood


Singing in the rain


dcs [7:53 PM]

[ Thursday, September 25, 2003 ]

Middle Names

You ever think about someone's name, and how it doesn't suit them. Like a little white guy named "Wilbur", or
Had a dream last night about someone's middle name, and I couldn't remember it. So to remedy this, I ask for all your middle names (not made up ones). You don't have to leave your first name but it would be cool if you let "us" know our full names. I don't know most of your middle names, and some of you are really close friends, and so I present this forum for us to fix that.
I go by my middle name but first name is of course David. Now there are people out there that don't like their middle name, and that's understandable, right "Lesley" ?
so leave us the middle names in the comments please.

dcs [3:29 PM]

[ Tuesday, September 23, 2003 ]



dcs [9:30 PM]

[ Saturday, September 20, 2003 ]

I lust love this picture so much, I have to share it. Here comes the bride
dcs [11:33 PM]


- Help desk is fun

- sand in the toes = yuck

- hermans party is tonight

- 4 Burgers fom BK at 3am is hard on the tummy the next morning

- High thongs are nice, but I dislike g-strings.

- Pregnant women do have this "glow" about them. But perhaps its just cramps.

- I cant survive a new supervisor, ill be fired in a day.

- Whoever reads this and decides to print it out and give it to my family members, remember this one thing, your a slime and I hope you fall on your head in a bucket of cow shit. Have a nice day!

- Cheyenne is evil ! ....shes ok'd me saying that

- WHATS wrong with a HULK shirt???

- I smell MCcain microwavable fries.

- Still suck at Tony Hawk 4 - thanks for the tips

- Bobs' a web cam junkie

- Nude swimming, boogie boards

- Lemonade stand game still kicks ass.

- Lesbians' are fun, but not the "man" ones, cause they act like men.

dcs [4:40 PM]

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